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Here on this page is some basic information  About Me.   If you would like to know a little more about me and my life, then please visit  My Thoughts  pages.  





Personal Facts

Age: 59

Occupation: Civil Servant

Height: 5' 5"

Weight: 140 lbs

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Light brown and highlighted

Clothing Size: 8 or 10

Shoe Size: 9 1/2 or 10

Style of Dress: Conservative/Classy, mostly Casual and sometimes Sexy

Fragrances:  Vera Wang, Victoria's Secret "Devine", Estee Lauder "Beautiful", Carolina Herrea, and Givenchy "Ysatis".

Makeup: MAC, exclusively

Foods: Grilled Red Meat, Baked or Roasted Chicken, Shell Fish, Pastas, and Steamed Veggies.  A little Italian, Thai, and Chinese cuisine.

Reading Material: Vogue for fashion, James Michener my all time favorite, Tom Clancy, and a variety of biographies and autobiographies about famous or historical people.

Music: Smooth Jazz, Some Classical, and some 70's and 80's Rock

Movies: "Saving Private Ryan", "Sleepless In Seattle", "Four Weddings and A Funeral", "The Shawshank Redemption", "The Matrix," and "Band of Brothers."

Some Other Interests: Playing Golf, Personal Computers, Digital Photography, watching Professional Football, specifically the New York Giants, US Military History, WWII through the present, American Government and Politics.

Favorite Quotes:

"You mean I can't buy a house,  because I bought shoes?"


"I've spent $40,000 on shoes and I have no place to live, I will literally be the old woman who lived in her shoes!"

                                                                                              Carrie Bradshaw


My One Weakness...


Before going on please take a look at my  Update page for recent updates to this site.  Or you can take a look at Fifty Reasons My Gallery  index page to see some my photos, or you may want to visit some of My Friends at their web sites.