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Here are some of My Friends,  some of whom I have known for years before the Internet, many of whom I have met since the Internet, and some that I only know through the Internet.  Hopefully we may someday meet face to face.  They are all very special people in my life, who in their own way have helped me to accept and to embrace being Transgender.



Kathy LouiseKathy's Place in Virtual Space

    Kathy is an old and dear friend. We first met many years ago while serving our country.  At the time I thought we were the only two TG's in the world.  Over the years we lost touch with each other, then shortly after came back out Kathy called me on the phone.  Much has changed in both our lives since those early days in North Carolina.  I don't talk with her as often as I could, but I know that she is doing well and that she is happy. 

Carolyn Anne Turner - CAT's House

    CAT is my sister and my very best friend.  Where ever she goes, she seems to light up the area with her smile and her common sense approach to life.  She is the person behind the "Annual Traveling T-Girls Summertime Road Party, which affords many of us the opportunity to visit with other girls through out the country.  Today more than ever I can honestly say that CAT as close to me as any member of my family..

Samantha Sheer - Samantha's Place

    Samantha is my other sister and my second best friend.  Although I would never say this to her face, I truly admire her for her ability to create a very beautiful feminine illusion.  Her only fault would be that she often thinks that she is the "Shoe Queen," when in fact she is really the "Princess." ;-)  

Debbi Richards - Debbi Richard's Home

    Debbi is a very classy and down to earth person from the Carolinas.  It was her classy style of dressing and also the fact that she has large shoe wardrobe from "Classic Pumps," which first inspired me to contact her.  We also share sisterhood in the Vanity Club Sorority. 

Heidi Lower - Heidi's Little Hide-away

    Heidi told me to just go have fun, and she was right

Erika Morgan - Erika's World

    Erika is one of my closest friends here where I live.  

Rachel Renee McCullough

    A very lovely and caring sister, she is both the founder and President of the Southern Belle Society. The SBS is not just another online group, but one that encourages girls to get to know each other better through social meetings.   

Ronnie Rho - Ronnie's 15 Megabytes of Fame

    One of the first girls I met online, she is a wonderful person that is very much involved in the local TG community in her area.  

Jayne Elizabeth Walker - Jayne Elizabeth's Room

    Jayne has classic style and good looks, she is such a natural and I hope that our friendship will continue to grow; and that one day we have the opportunity to get together and just talk face to face. 

Pamela Rogers

    A very nice lady from the Carolinas

Nicole Mitchell - Nicole's Nifty Niche

    A lovely Midwestern girl with class and a sense of humor 

Arianne Travis - Arianne's Page

    I first met Arianne on the Internet a few years ago, and my first thought was that she was the most beautiful and best dressed girl I had ever seen.  Her interest is strictly designer fashions and with her looks that is all I could ever imagine seeing her wearing.  Arianne is one of those girls that always looks great in whatever she wears and is so classy.  She has always had one of the better personal web sites, with some really unique photography.   Unlike me, she does have a life so her updates are not as frequent, but when she does have time to take photos, I am always very impressed with the results.  I often miss seeing her updates because of bandwidth, but now she has her own .com address; and has posted a lot of new, and as always great photos.  Finally got to meet Arianne at SCC 2005 and it was both a surprise and a delight to see she is just a lovely in person as she is in her photos.  I truly hope that I will see her again when she is ready!

Breanna Simmons

    Breanna another friend that I don't see enough of.  We first met online and later at SCC 2000.  We don't talk that much, but from time to time we will exchange emails to catch up on what the other one is doing.  I know that one day we will see each other at another SCC.

Jennifer Merrill - Jen's Diva Den

    A very classy Southern California Lady, that is very beautiful and very sexy.  She loves to dress and comes up with some great photo ideas. The longer I know Jen the more I am fascinated with her total free spirit to look glamorous and share her dressing with others.  She is totally open to exposing the boy side with her before and after photos, which are truly amazing.   

Vickie Collins - Posh Palace of Artistic Delites

    Vickie is a very special friend and down to earth person.  We seem to spend a lot of time on the phone talking about everything.  Besides having her own personal mega web site, Vickie also founded "Vickie's Vixens."  Among all of the girls I know, she is one of the most sincere and dedicated. 

Joanne Maureen Bennett

    Joanne is another special friend who I just love.  We first met at SCC 2000, and hit it off right away.  Since then we stay in touch either by email or phone calls, and see each other at least once a year at SCC.     

Monique Danielle Monet -  

    A very sensitive person with a big heart.  She recently moved to the Denver area where I understand she has become quite active in the TG community.  

Tafrina Rae - Tafrina Rae's Web Page

    A Virginia girl who always speaks her mind. Taffy for the most part just enjoys being the girl within and encourages other to open up and enjoy their lives.

Maggie Taylor

    A very lovely South Florida girl that is really beginning to just enjoy being Maggie.  For now we only know each other through the Internet, but as close as we are from each other, I suspect that eventually we will take the time to meet in person.

Roxanne A. Rush -      In Memory Of

    A special friend!

Jennifer Schultz

    Jennifer and I have just recently met through the Internet, however in such a  short period of time I have become quite fond of her.  I just love the feminine image that she presents.  Jennifer and I finally met at SCC 2003, and she is just as wonderful a person as I suspected she would be.  I recently got an email from Jen telling me that she is closing her web site for personal reasons.  I totally agree with her on this and think that she is making the right choice.  I also want her to know that I believe in her and hope that she will have the strength and courage to do the right things for the right reasons.  

Stephanie Jade Band - Stef's Escape

    I met Stef last year at SCC, but more recently we have exchanged some emails.  I think we have a lot in common and I am hoping to get to know her better. Of late we have corresponded a little more and I look forward to seeing her very soon at SCC.

Rhonda Williams  - Rhonda Williams 

    Rhonda has finally started working on her web site so be patient with her.  Rhonda and I have a history that goes back to when I first moved to Tampa almost 20 years ago.  We have some great time together and of course some stories, the best story being about the night we first met.  Although we don't see each other that much these days, we have continued to stay in touch.  Throughout the years I have always admired her style, and often think of her as the perfect example of a professional female.  Of course Rhonda couldn't be any other way!  

Jeanine Russel - Jeanine Russel

    I met Jeanine not long after she became a member of the Vanity Club.  We have exchanged emails, and we actually got to meet each other during a visit to Tampa.  I really enjoyed the short meeting and found her to be a very lovely person.  We continued to write and usually to compliment each other on our photos.  Jeanine does take great pictures, and is just as beautiful in person.

Wendy Seymone - Wendy Seymone

    Wendy is also a member of the Vanity Club, and we just met for the first time at SCC 2003.  This was her first SCC, but you would never have guessed it.  She makes a great glamour gal, but I think she is just as lovely as a soccer mom.  

 Roy Acceles - Roy's Web Page

    What can I say about Roy besides the fact that is a true friend, and quite an admirer of the ladies.  He is also very much the Southern gentleman and likes to do a little partying now and then.  One quality that I especially like about him is that he is often the designated photographer for many functions, which for this girl makes him even more of a special person. If you ever want to meet Roy you can always find him at SCC, or back home in Nashville.  

Lacey Leigh - The Successful Crossdresser 

    Of all the people that I have met over the past five years I would have to say that as a crossdresser Lacey stands out the most. The times that we have met and been able to talk I have been inspired by her walk the walk attitude.  I know that Lacey has managed to maintain that delicate balance between family and crossdressing, and though I may not always agreed with her opinions, I will read and listen to what she has to say.  At this time I don't know of anyone that has done more for bringing crossdressing out of the closet, and into the mainstream.  

Laura Lenley - Laura Sometimes

    I just recently met Laura through the Internet and after seeing her photos I was very much impressed by her feminine appearance and her style of dress.  I spent some time looking at her photos on her profile and have come back several more times.  Laura presents a very classy image and is truly a woman of style.  I just hope that one day we have the opportunity to meet in person, as I would love to tell her to her face just how impressed I am with her transformation.  Laura continues to show her classic style with some new photos that just keep getting better.  

Isis Win - Isis Place

    Isis is another girl I met through the Internet. We began exchanging emails and have begun to develop a good friendship.  Like many of the girls I meet she has been around for a few years and is just now beginning to explore her feminine side.  In the short time that we have known each other we seem to share many common interest.  We do plan to meet soon, maybe in September at SCC in Atlanta.

Michele Angelique - Gender Evolve

    Michele is a very special person that I met at SCC 2005.  During our brief meeting I was totally fascinated with her candor and acceptance of me as a trans person, specifically as a CD.  As I was to later learn Michelle along with some of her good friends founded a very special web site called Gender Evolve, which focuses on self acceptance of who we are, without regard to our personal labels, as well as acceptance by those outside of the Transgender community through insightful articles by the members of this group. In the short time that I have known Michele I have found her to be a very sensitive and caring person, not a saint, but a real person. I should also add that Michele is also a very sexy lady, and in my next life I shall be her twin sister. 

Ron -  Manabouttown9

    I first met Ron a few years ago at the old Lost & Found Club, now Z109.  He is a great admirer of Trans women, and the only man I really trust.  

If you would like to see some more beautiful TG's then go to the TG Sights  page were you will find links to some of my favorite TG sites, or go to the  TG Links  page and click on one of the different TG directory banners.