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Welcome to my photo Gallery Gallery index page.  The gallery is divided into different pages based on the styles of clothing that I enjoy wearing, as well as some special pages that include lingerie, legs, shoes, and some fun clothing.  Then there are the pages of photos socializing with friends around town, out of town on road trips, or just visiting with my friends; and there are lots of photos while attending some TG events.  A brief description of the contents is provided for each page.  Once again let me remind you that there is no nudity or pornography on this web site, however there may be a few photos of me with my panty covered butt partially exposed but that's as good as it gets here.  I hope that you will enjoy your visit through the photo gallery and will chose to come back often.  Updates to the different pages, or new pages occur several times each month, and are posted on the index page, and also on the update page. You can use the navigation bars at the top of the page to go to a specific page, or you can begin your tour by clicking on the navigation bar at the bottom of this page.  One final note about my photos is this, I am smiling because I am having a lot of fun.  I am very happy with my life, and for the first time in 40 years I can wear women's clothing and not have to hide.  So have fun, enjoy your visit, come back as often as you would like, and feel free to drop me a note and say hello.

Business Wear

Evening Wear

Casual Wear   

A look at the three clothing styles that I enjoy wearing.      

Up Close

These pages contains larger images and a variety of my photos.   

Legs & Shoes

 This page that was inspired by my friend Vickie Collins.  On this page I have put together a collection of photos which show my legs and some of my shoes.   


Some individual or composite face photos of me.  

Black and White

A collection of photos done in a black and white format

Southern Comfort Conference

An introduction and comments on SCC along with hundreds of photos taken at the world's largest TG event held in Atlanta during the fall.  

On The Town

These pages contain photos of me and some of my friends socializing together around town and at some other locations. 

GNO or Girls Night Out

This is the new pages for those times when I get out and have access to a camera

"The Traveling T-Girls Summertime Road Party"

The history behind this event, and some photos from each of the five mid summer road trips.


Some more of my photos can be found at the following locations on the Internet


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You can start your tour of the photo pages at  Business Wear