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Listed on this page are some of my favorite TG Sights, these are some of the personal TG web sites that I enjoy visiting from time to time when I want inspiration or just enjoy seeing a pretty face. They are my favorites because I think that some of these girls are just really beautiful and sexy, and project a very feminine appearance.  Also, I like the variety of clothing styles that they enjoy wearing, everything from fetish to classy. And in some cases I am interested in their TG lifestyle.  There is no particular order in which these websites are listed, as I find them, and if I like the web site I just add it to the page.  Some of these girls are known on the Internet while others may not be.  What really inspires me is that in some cases their transformation is such that it is hard to believe that there are not what they appear to be.  Anyway, I just think there is something special about each one of these girls, and or their web site and I wanted to pass it on to those who might be interested.

Hannah's TV Dream

Renee Reyes

Julie Phillips

Amanda Richards

Patricia Antonelli

Alison Dale

Lilly Hahn

Maryann Sung


The Fabulous Tasha

Lolita of Paris

Elli Hunter

Elizabeth's Page

Jacqueline Hilton

Barbara's Corner

Allison Smith

Ana Christina Garcia

Nicole Asahi

Eilin Brun

Lowla Valentine

Paula Collins

Carla Sheers

Janine Laurent


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