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Hello, my name is Lauren Elaine Thomas and I would like to welcome you to my home on the Internet.  I am Transgender and this is my personal web site where I can share with others my photos and thoughts about what it means to me to be Transgender and specifically a male to female Crossdresser.  My desire to sometimes dress completely female has nothing to do with my sexual orientation or preference. 

What you will find as you visit the different pages on this web site is information about me and some of my experiences as a Crossdresser.  I have also included links to a variety of Transgender related web sites  that include directories of personal web sites, as well as a variety of groups and organizations that provide services, resources, and support to the Transgender community.  The main reason I maintain this web site is so that I can share my experience with other Crossdressers, and those who are interested in Crossdressing.  I hope that in some way this web site and my experiences may benefit others who are also Transgender, or help those that want to know more about Crossdressing.  If you choose to contact me or another Transgender person remember to be polite and considerate, especially if you are expecting any kind of response.  I hope that you enjoy your visit and that you will come back often. 





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